Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Elephant and man doing acrobatics


postmarked in 2009 with a Finland dog (collie) stamp

great postcard! - printed in France - John Drysdale


viridian said...

I don't think my neighborhood would like an elephant in the backyard kept as a pet.
Thanks for participating.

9teen87 said...

hahahaha! - me neither! I left if because of the Dog Stamp :D :D :D

Lisa B said...

Lovely stamp, Finland has great stamps, I find myself saying that every Sunday Stamps.
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment :)

Joy said...

I saw a blog picture last week of an acrobatic elephant, a piece of artistic whimsy, who knew that it was real! Dogs and elephants great combination. (I just had to go and find that picture, here it is: http://theroadismine.blogspot.com/2012/02/abc-wednesday-e-is-for-elephant.html )

Jocelyn said...

Apparently even African Elephants can do things that circus elephants (usually Indian Elephants) can do such as stand on their hind feet. Which is pretty amazing when you consider how much they weigh - somewhere between 3 and 6 tons depending on gender and age. These are guesses of course - pretty difficult to find a scale big enough to weigh an elephant. ^_^