Friday, April 3, 2009

Temple of Hephaestos and Church of the Holy Apostles in Athens Greece

Athens: The temple of Hephaestos (Theseion)

This is postmarked in 1979 from Greece.

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The Temple of Hephaestus (shown in the upper left of the postcard), is a well-preserved Greek temple; it remains standing largely as built.  From the 7th century until 1834, it served as the Greek Orthodox church of St. George Akamates.

The church in the front of the card is:
The Church of the Holy Apostles, also known as Holy Apostles of Solaki, is located in the Ancient Agora of Athens, Greece, and can be dated to around the late 10th century.
Greece (Hellas) stamp 1979
Souliot Freedom Fighters - 10

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