Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Egypt - Hekaib and his wives

Funerary stela of Hekaib and his two wives
Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12
Painted limestone; 28 3/4'' in length
From Aswan

Splendors of Ancient Egypt
Presented by Florida International Museum

The Egyptian Museum, Cairo and the Florida International Museum

unused, from 1995

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Pepynakht (Hekaib) was a governor and 'overseer of foreign lands' during the long reign of the 6th dynasty Pharaoh Pepi II. He was deified (considered a god) and honored after his death, not necessarily immediately, on the island of Elephantine; a cult was founded and a sanctuary was built there to honor him.

Inscriptions in the tomb describe the career of Hekayib. He was a judge and administrator. He then took charge of quelling Nubian revolts and later rebellions in Asia.

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