Saturday, July 24, 2010

Vacratot Botanical Gardens in Hungary

Hungary - Vacratot Botanikus kert - (Vácrátót botanic gardens)

the plants are:

Prunus hokusai - (Japanese flowering cherries)
Eremurus isabellinus (Foxtail Lily, Desert-Candle)
A mocsarciprus (Taxodium distichum) - (bald-cypress, baldcypress tree)
Bemutato uveghaz
Anthurium "Magic Red"
Muscari armeniacum (Armenian Grape Hyacinth)

Photo: Frater Erzsebet

This card is postmarked with two Magyarorszags (Hungarian) stamps - one with a chair one with fruit in 2006

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clquinta said...

I just wanted to share the postcard love. I am all for postcard and snail mail projects. Keep rocking it!