Saturday, August 14, 2010

Superior Water-Logged Lumber - Wisconsin

Superior Water-Logged Lumber Co., Inc. is involved in the recovery and processing of high quality northern hardwoods which sank to the bottom of Lake Superior. The logs, lost during the logging era around the turn of the century, produce beautiful, fine grained, environmentally sound lumber.

Superior Water-Logged Lumber Co., Inc.
2200 E. Lake Shore Drive
Ashland, Wisconsin 54806

postmarked in 2010 with a 32 cent stamp

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Superior Water-Logged Lumber Co. is the leading supplier of old growth northern hardwood lumber from logs resting on the bottom of the Great Lakes. These logs sank while being moved across waterways to sawmills in the 1800s and have remained preserved by the icy cold temperatures and low oxygen content of the lakes. Many logs are over 400 years old. Superior Water Logged is the pioneer in recovering this lost resource and is providing furniture and instrument makers with antique quality wood that has not been available for almost a century. Superior Water-Logged Lumber achieves this without cutting down a single tree.

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