Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devil - Looney Tunes

unused, from 2010

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Robert McKimson based the character on the real-life Tasmanian Devil. The most noticeable resemblance between the Australian marsupial and McKimson's creation is their ravenous appetites and crazed behavior. Although the Tasmanian Devil's appearance does not resemble the real animal, it contains multilayered references to other "devils": he has horn-shaped fur on his head (similar to the Devil's appearance) and whirls about like a dust devil (similar in appearance to a tornado) which sounds like several motors whirring in unison. Taz is constantly hungry and devours everything, animate or inanimate. His efforts to find more food are always a central plot device of his cartoons.

Here is a postcard of a real Tasmanian Devil .....

From Australia -
with stamp on front - from 2008

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O'Neal said...

I'm partial to animal cards, love this one.