Friday, December 10, 2010

Glorieta Baptist Assembly in New Mexico

Postcard 1) Plans for the building (1953)
Postcard 2) You can see the new building being built in the background on the right (1953)
Postcard 3) The Glorieta Baptist Assembly (1958)

"New Mexico Hall"
(Administration Building)
Glorieta Baptist Assembly
Glorieta, New Mexico

Lobby-Lounge 210', contains four of world's largest fireplaces constructed of native flagstone, dimensions: 16' wide by 30' high.  Building is 750' overall in length, it will house Assembly Business Offices, Library, Stores and Shops.  This building is now partially completed and will be a fine south-western style structure, when entirely finished.

postmarked on July 29, 1953 with a 2 cent John Adams stamp

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"Presenting Glorieta - In the Land of Enchantment. Comprised of some 1,300 acres, nineteen miles from Sante Fe,  New Mexico.  Home of the Baptist Assembly of 22 states and the District of Columbia.

Color photo by J. Hobson Bass

postmarked in 1953 with a 2 cent John Adams stamp
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New Mexico Baptists gave the funds with which to erect this first unit of the Assembly Administration Building.  Two additional units of equal size are to be added later.  In this building are located the Registration Desk, Post Office, Snack Bar, Photo Counter, Gift Shop and Book Store.

Photo by Merrill Moore.

postmarked in 1958 with a 2 cent Jefferson stamp

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