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Grodzka Gate in Lublin, Poland

Brama Grodzka
Grodzka Gate

postmarked in 1967 with three Poland stamps

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Lublin is the ninth largest city in Poland. It is the capital of Lublin Voivodeship with a population of 350,392 (June 2009).

The Grodzka Gate is one of two main city gates. It is located at the end of Grodzka Street.

The Gate was a part of Lublin's medieval fortifications. Rebuilt in 1785, it changed its function to become a dwelling and place of commerce. In 1873 the Gate became private property. After 1944, the Gate was used by the Fine Arts High School, and then by the Theatrical Studio of Lublin. Since 1992 the building has been used by the „Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre” Centre.

Important Dates
1342 – king Kazimierz the Great grants his allowance to build the Grodzka Gate as an element of city fortifications.
the 1550s – Lublin stonemasons: Sebastian Włoch and Suffraganek make small repairs of the Gate building.
the 1560s – gatepost was added.
1572 – stonemason Brudny builds a fixed, stone bridge.
1576 – king Stefan Batory allows to take a fee for crossing the Gate, which brought about the need to hire a gatekeeper.
Beginning of the 17th cent. – after the collapse of a piece of wall, the Gate is rebuilt into a two-storey building, covered with gabled roof. 
End of the 18th cent. – Good Order Committee states that the building is in bad technical condition.
1785 – rebuilding the Gate according to the project by Dominik Merlini.
1873 – the tenement, as a result of the third auction, is bought by Jakub Kleiman. Then, it is used by his numerous descendants.
1923 – the tenement is bought by Perla Goldberg.
1945 – the Gate building is given to the City Government.
1945 – the collapse of the annex.
1946 – eng. Zamorowski prepares a project of the building's renovation.
1954 – the renovation is completed, the building is given to the Fine Arts High School.
1960 – The Grodzka Gate building becomes a state property
1992 – the activity of „Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre” in the building of Grodzka Gate starts.
1994 – the reconstruction of the Grodzka Gate starts.


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