Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tanks or Cisterns of Tawila in Aden, Yemen

View of the Tanks, Crater, Aden

Photographed by Mr. A. Abassi - This is a Real Photograph - 

This is postmarked in 1954 with two Aden stamps.

- - - - - - -  

The Cisterns of Tawila, or the Tawila Tanks, are the best-known historic site in Aden, Yemen. The site consists of a series of tanks of varying shape and capacity. 

Originally there were about 53 tanks, but only 13 remain following a succession of renovations. The existing tanks have a combined capacity of about nineteen million gallons. The tanks were designed to collect and store the rain that flows down, and to protect the city from periodic flooding. 

Today, the cisterns are primarily a public park and a tourist attraction. They have not been filled for at least fifteen years and do not serve the city’s water needs. 


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