Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Boxing - Spinks vs Ali

Spinks vs Ali

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Muhammad Ali loses heavyweight title to Leon Spinks

Spinks made history on February 15, 1978, when he beat Muhammad Ali in a 15-round decision in Las Vegas. Spinks thus won the world heavyweight title in only his eighth fight, the fastest ascent in history. Ali, who had not been the same since his last fight with Joe Frazier, expected an easy fight, but he was out-hustled by Spinks who never seemed to tire in the bout.  In this victory, Spinks became the only man ever to take an actual title belt away from Muhammad Ali in the ring.


Dorincard said...

Cool! More Ali postcards in my blog: http://dorincard.blogspot.com/search/label/Muhammad%20Ali

postcardkris said...

Wow. Nice card. I remember the fight. Ali was not at top form -- a little heavier and slower than in the past.

papel1 said...

I collect postcards and my husband loves boxing and I do watch the fights once in awhile. I remember that fight.