Monday, February 28, 2011

The Day Family in Life With Father

 The Day Family
Life With Father
Empire Theatre - New York

"Life With Father" featuring Howard Lindsay and Dorothy Stickney, and made into a play by Mr. Lindsay and Russel Crouse, is America's most beloved comedy.  Produced by Oscar Serlin, it is now running in three cities, and was hailed by Walter Winchell as "Public Entertainment Number One."  "Life With Father" is based on the hilariously successful stories written by Clarence Day.

postmarked in 1942 with a 1 cent stamp

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Life with Father is the title of a humorous autobiographical book of stories compiled in 1935 by Clarence Day, Jr., which was adapted in 1939 into a long-running Broadway play, which was, in turn, made into a 1947 movie and a television series.

The 1939 Broadway production ran for over seven years to become the longest-running non-musical play on Broadway, a record that it still holds. It opened at the Empire Theatre on November 8, 1939 and ran at that theatre until September 8, 1945. It then moved to the Bijou Theatre where it ran until June 15, 1947, and finished its run at the Alvin Theatre on July 12, 1947, closing after 3,224 performances. 

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