Wednesday, August 31, 2011

From Russia - With Love, Traditional Items from Russia

Armastusega ... Venemaalt
From Russia ... With Love

Samovar - (see below)
Wooden Spoons
The Scar Cap
Fur Hat
Balalaika - a three stringed Instrument 
Matrioshka - or babushka doll is a Russian nesting doll 
Barankas - bread roll very similar to bagels

This is a Postcrossing Meet-up Postcard and signed by 6 people from Finland who got together in Estonia and mailed a card from Russia! - so the stamp is from Estonia and it is postmarked in 2011

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A samovar is a heated metal container traditionally used to heat and boil water in and around Russia, as well as in other European countries, and in the Middle-East. Since the heated water is usually used for making tea, many samovars have an attachment on the tops of their lids to hold and heat a teapot filled with tea concentrate.
Though traditionally heated with coal or charcoal, many newer samovars use electricity and heat water in a similar manner as an electric water boiler. Antique samovars are often displayed for their beautiful workmanship

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