Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sand Tiger Sharks at the Aquarium in Barcelona, Spain

 L'Oceanari - Oceanario - The Oceanarium
Carcharias taurus - Solraig de sorra - Tiburon toro - Sand tiger shark
L'Aquarium de Barcelona

postmarked in 2011 from Barcelona, Spain

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Personally, I think you have to be a bit on the crazy side to scuba dive in a shark tank!  (For the record, I'd do it!)

Sand sharks grow up to 10 feet in adult length and can reach up to 200-350 pounds.  They are the only shark known to surface for gulps of air. They store the air in their stomachs which allows them to float motionless in the water as they hunt for prey.


Pupsi said...

Great snapshot! I've been there and I've seen those sharks! But only outside, I wasn't in the tank :D I would never dare..

Jennifer said...

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9teen87 said...

Pupsi, if you had a chance, I think you would do it :D :D

Jennifer - found your blog, very nice! Yep, I'm following you now :D