Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Underwater Scene Painted with the Mouth by John Smith

From an original painted with the Mouth by John Smith

postmarked in 2011 with a Singapore bird stamp

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I found this on the web:

Growing up in rural Queensland, John Smith developed a passion for riding horses. It was while mustering cattle one day that John, suffering the effects of an illness, fell from his horse, hit the back of his head, and was paralysed in his arms and legs. He was just two days short of his 25th birthday. 
After a period of hospitalisation in Brisbane and unable to find suitable care in Mackay, John went to live in a Brisbane nursing home. 

One day a social worker took John to meet an artist by the name of Russell Wolff who painted with his feet. 
Russell was confined to a bed, could only breathe with the assistance of an apparatus, but was able to move one foot. John was so inspired by Russell’s achievements that he began to teach himself to draw by holding a pencil in his mouth. 

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Anonymous said...

Amazing card, stamp and amazing story!