Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Titanic postmarked in 1912 - with errors!

Le "Titanic" jaugeant 45,000 tonnes, longueur 28 S.M. 977, largeur 28 m. 193, profondeur 29 m. 66, a counte 46 milions.  Coule a 3,200 metres de fond dans la tra. Versee de Southampton a New York a la suite d'un abordage avec un bloc de glace.
1,800 victimes - 16 Avril 1912

loose translation:

"Titanic" tonnage 45,000 tons, length 28 SM 977, width 28 m. 193, depth 29 m. 66, counter 46 milion. Flows to 3,200 meters deep in work. Sank from Southampton to New York following a collision with a block of ice.
1.800 victims - 16 April 1912

This was postmarked on May 3, 1912 with a France (Republique Francaise) 10c  c stamp. (It was sent to Oran, Algeria).

This postcard must have been made right after it sank without having all the facts.  They wrote 1,800 people died, when it was actually 1,517 and the correct date was April 15th, not the 16th.

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