Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dolly Dingle Paper Dolls on Postcards

Dolly Dingle Helps Teacher
The Lesson Dolly wrote on the black-board, Dolly's Dress with chalk to write on Blackboard, The big gold star

Lessons are:
Brush your teeth
Take your bath
Eat all your nice food
Play in the nice fresh air
Go to bed early
And go right to sleep
Then you will be splendid children

Illustration by Grace G. Drayton

all these cards are unused and from 1984

- - - - - - -

Grace Drayton (October 14, 1877 – 1936) was an illustrator who created popular period comics Dolly Dimples and The Pussycat Princess. She also created the "Campbell Soup Kids" advertising campaign and is probably best known for her popular Dolly Dingle paper dolls in the women's magazine Pictorial Review.
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Also shown are:
Dolly Dingle's Little Friend Junior Allen and his Indian Suit
Dolly Dingle's Litte Friend Gracie Harriman and her Camp-Fire Girls Costume
Dolly Dingle's Fido Dress Up (for her dog)
Dolly Dingle's Friend Sammy gets Ready for the Baseball Season
Dolly Dingle Learns to Paint
Dolly Dingle's Brother Plays Farmer
Dolly Dingle's Pretty Little Friend Teedie (and her Kitty Kat Costume)
Dolly Dingle's Little Friend Joey (and his Teddy-Bear Costume)





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