Friday, November 30, 2012

Rockome Gardens Bottle Houses in Illinois

Rockome Gardens

One of many fascinating things to see and do in Rockome Gardens is The Bottle Houses.  One house is made from 2,500 Fresca bottles.  Another house is made of 7-Up bottles.  Crafts and displays of many kinds are on display from the last weekend in April until the first weekend of November.  Highlights of the year are Railsplitting Days in the spring and Horse Farming Days in the fall when craftsmen gather here to demonstrate and sell their products.  West of I-57 Exit 203 near Arcola.

Color photo by Mike Coles


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Rockome Gardens is a nationally known tourist attraction which features large formal gardens, concrete fencing and architecture, buggy rides, and many special events from May through October. It is located just outside of Arcola, Illinois.

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