Thursday, March 14, 2013

Make Today Ridiculously Amazing!

Make today Ridiculously Amazing!

postmarked in 2012 from South Africa with a leopard stamp

This is a plain card with a Postick sticker on the back to turn it into a postcard.   

(I hope you have an amazing day today!!)


ONeal said...

I've never heard of Postick before. It's for handmade crafty/creative type stuff, looks like.

9teen87 said...

It is a sticker that looks like the back of a postcard. So you attach whatever you want on the front, and shazam, you have a postcard.

ONeal said...

Clever idea. Are the Posticks made of thicker paper stock to make the item more rigid, similar to a real postcard?

9teen87 said...

nope, just a regular sticker, however, when you add it to the item you are making, that doubles up on it. I mailed one with the dog cut off the dog food bag. So that is thicker.