Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Aborigine People of Taiwan

The sender writes that these are Aborigine in front of a cherry blossoms tree

This is postmarked in 2009 with two 'warrior dolls' stamps.

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Taiwanese aborigines (literally " original inhabitants") is the term commonly applied in reference to the indigenous peoples of Taiwan estimated to constitute about 2% of the population of the island.

The indigenous peoples of Taiwan face economic and social barriers, including a high unemployment rate and substandard education. Many aboriginal groups have been actively seeking a higher degree of political self-determination and economic development since the early 1980s. A revival of ethnic pride is expressed in many ways by aborigines, including incorporating elements of their culture into commercially successful pop music. Efforts are under way in indigenous communities to revive traditional cultural practices and preserve their traditional languages. Several aboriginal tribes are becoming extensively involved in the tourism and ecotourism industries to achieve increased economic self-reliance from the state. The Austronesian Cultural Festival in Taitung City is another means to promote aboriginal culture.


TomoyoHime said...

Interesting card and stamps.

9teen87 said...

thanks TomoyoHime - I checked out your blog too - very nice! I am now 'following' it.. :D