Saturday, June 15, 2013

BP Production Platform in the North Sea

BP's production platform FB in the FOrties oilfield, North Sea.

postmarked in 1996 with a Great Britain Queen stamp for 19 p - to the Top Gun Competition from a guy named Gerry with his answer of  "Maverick".  

I have seen cards like this before (and own a few) that are entry postcards to competitions.  I wonder in an employee takes the cards and sells them, or how they get out in public.  Below is a copy of the back of the card.  I 'white outed' the guys full name and address since I was posting this online.
I wonder if he won??

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The Daily Mirror is a British national daily tabloid newspaper which was founded in 1903. It had an average daily circulation of 1,058,488 in January 2013.

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The Forties Oil Field is the largest oil field in the North Sea. It was discovered in 1970 and first produced oil in 1975 under ownership of BP. The production from the field peaked in 1979 at 500 thousand barrels per day (79×103 m3/d), well above early predictions.

When BP sold its 96% share in the field for $812 million in 2003, some traditionalists likened it to selling off the family silver.
Apache Corporation, who bought the field, immediately initiated an intensive re-evalutation of the field and found a further 800 million barrels (130×106 m3), extending the field's life by at least 20 years, making the investment by Apache a very profitable one.
Although they lost out on producing the additional reserves directly, retaining the Forties pipeline system allows BP to profit from Apache's exploration investments without needing to invest anything itself.

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