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Golden Lion Tamarins in Lion Country Safari and The Biodome of Montreal

Lion Country Safari

Exotic Wildlife
#11571 Golden Lion Tamarin (Leontopithecus rosalia).
The thick lionlike mane is a distinctive feature of this primate.  Its dense, bristly coat is almost uniformly golden in color.  It lives in small groups in treetops and moves nimbly through branches searching for food.  It is mostly omnivorous; eating fruits, insects, lizard, and small birds.

Photographer - Tom Stacks and Associates

unused, bought in 2013

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Lion Country Safari is a drive-through safari park located in Loxahatchee (near West Palm Beach), in Palm Beach County, Florida. Founded in 1967, it claims to be the first 'cageless zoo' in the United States.
In 2009, USA Travel Guide named Lion Country the 3rd best zoo in the nation.

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Here is another postcard of a Tamarin...

Biodome de Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Tamarins dores, Biodome de Montreal
Golden Lion Tamarins, The Montreal Biodome

postmarked in 2009 with a Canada olympics stamp from 1998 featuring Miga

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The sender writes that this biodome, which is now a zoo, is located in the former velodrome (an arena for track cycling) left over from the 1976 Olympic Games.

The Biodome is divided into four ecosystems: 
The Tropical Forest, (a replica of the South American rainforest)
The Laurentian Forest (a replica of the North American wilderness)
The Saint Lawrence Marine Eco-system (an estuary habitat modeled on the Gulf of Saint Lawrence)
and The Polar:  (an area divided into Arctic and Antarctic)

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you can see the biodome a little to the right and above the Olympic stadium on this postcard
- it is the smaller building with the lines on the roof:
Montreal Olympic Stadium
Photo: Michel Gagne
postmarked in 2001

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