Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Old Winnemucca: Chief of the Paiute Indians

Old Winnemucca: Chief of the Paiute Indians

unused, real photo postcard (undivided back, so pre-1907- also, there is that silver sheen in the darker areas when you tilt it.)

Here is the problem with this postcard, Old Winnemucca died in 1860 and the first known real photo postcard dates at 1899.  And even though this is a rough looking scan, it is a very old postcard - so maybe it is his son, Winnemucca.  It looks like him anyway, and there are other pictures of him in soldiers uniforms.  He died in 1882, but he has a son named Natchez, so maybe this is him?? If anyone knows anything, I would love some help with this very interesting postcard!


luvlinens said...

Spent the night in Winnemucca on a road trip out West once. Winnemucca means something like cheif with one of his moccasins missing. Stayed in a retro 50s roadside motor court. Had dinner in a Casino Must have been Nevada.

Brenda Perez said...

sounds like a fun trip!