Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Oversized Map Postcard of The Bermuda Islands

Bermuda Islands

Discovered -
by Juan de Bermudez (Spanish)  - 1515
by Sir George Somers (British) - 1609

Colonized -
by The Virginia Company (British) 1612
by The Bermuda Company (British) 1614

Bermuda - The Mid Ocean paradise with a 17th century background is the oldest self-governing Colony in the British Empire.  It lies 625 miles due east of the carolinas, 666 miles southeast of New York and 729 miles south of Halifax.  Comprised of four large islands and numerous small ones, Bermuda's total area is approximately 22 square miles and at no place is more than two miles wide.  A year-round resort, Bermuda's semi-tripical climate is mild and equable and is especially suited for all types of outdoor sports.  Its beaches of soft pink and white sand are among the most beautiful in the world.

Giant Post Card - vintage, unused

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