Monday, August 19, 2013

Thomas Edison, Firestone, President Coolidge, Henry Ford and More: 1924 Real Photo

At Plymouth, Vermont, August 19 - 1924

Harvey Firestone, President Calvin Coolidge, Henry Ford, Russell Firestone, Thomas A. Edison, Mrs. Coolidge, Col. John Coolidge

This is an unused 'real photo' postcard.

Some things I found out about this postcard.

1. President Coolidge is autographing a sap bucket. (Used to collect sap from trees to make maple syrup.

2.  Col. John Coolidge is President Calvin Coolidge's father.

3.  Location is at the old Coolidge homestead.

From the August 20, 1924 edition of The New York Times:

PLYMOUTH, Vt., Aug. 19 - President Coolidge today received Thomas A. Edison, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone and Mr. Firestone's son Russell. These camping companions came to pay their respects to the Chief Executive in the seclusion of the Coolidge homestead.
President Coolidge presented to Mr. Ford an old maple sap bucket made for the original Coolidge settler in 1780, John Coolidge, the President's great-great-grandfather. President Coolidge also used it as a boy. This will be placed in the Wayside Inn at Sudbury, Mass., now owned by Mr. Ford.
"I never received anything since I got Mrs. Ford that I appreciated so much," Mr. Ford remarked to Mr. Edison.

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