Thursday, August 15, 2013

Young Zulus, Sister and Brother from South Africa

 Young Zulus  -  Natal  -  South Africa
An African child makes sure her younger brother does not stray beyond the safety of the Kraal.

Jong Zoeloes  -  Natal  -  Suid-Afrika
'n Bantoekind maak seker dat haar jong boetie nie van die kraal wegdwaal nie.

postmarked in 1971 with a RSA (South African) stamp

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Kraal is an Afrikaans and Dutch word (also used in South African English) for an enclosure for cattle or other livestock, located within an African settlement or village surrounded by a palisade, mud wall, or other fencing, roughly circular in form.

Although for a certain period of time, European South Africans and historians commonly referred to the entire settlement as a kraal.

South Africa stamp (RSA), 1977
Protea aristata
Dick Findlay 10 c
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Protea aristata (aristata = sharp-tipped leaves), was first collected by the botanists T. P. Stokoe and R. Primos in 1928 near the town of Ladismith in the Cape Province, South Africa. In spite of being locally common in the Seweweekspoort the plant species could not be found again until 1953, prior to which it was considered to be extinct. Protea aristata has become one of South Africa's most famous proteas in spite of its relatively late 'discovery'.

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