Monday, September 2, 2013

Adolf Hiter and Miklos Horthy

staatstreffen hitler - v. horthy

postmarked in 1939 with a nazi swastika postmark from Kiel that reads: Reichsverweser (Regent) V. horthy  (see below)

The stamp is from 1933 and is Paul von Hindenburg.

(During World War II, Kiel was one of the major naval bases and shipbuilding centres of the German Reich.)

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Miklós Horthy de Nagybánya (18 June 1868 – 9 February 1957) was regent of the Kingdom of Hungary during the years between World Wars I and II and throughout most of World War II, serving from 1 March 1920 to 15 October 1944. He was styled "His Serene Highness the Regent of the Kingdom of Hungary"

Horthy guided Hungary through the years between the two world wars and, in exchange for the restoration of some of the Hungarian territories lost by the Treaty of Trianon, he took Hungary into an alliance with Nazi Germany.

In April 1941, Hungary entered World War II as an ally of Germany. Horthy's faltering allegiance to his German patrons, however, eventually led the Nazis to invade and take control of the country in March 1944. In October 1944, Horthy announced that Hungary would surrender and withdraw from the Axis. He was forced to resign, placed under arrest and taken to Bavaria. At the end of the war, he came under the custody of American troops.

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