Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pietarsaari Jakobstad - Suomi Finland

Pietarsaari Jakobstad
Suomi Finland

the sender writes:
I live in the small town of Pietarsaari, (it's the Finnish name of the town, the Swedish name is Jakobstad)
It's on the west coast.  To the top left you can see the town church.  Top right is the old fire-station, not it's used as a theatre.  Down to the left is a picture from the 'shopping street" in the town centre, and the last picture is from the town part called Skata, it's the old part of town with three houses.

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The town was founded in 1652 by Ebba Brahe, the widow of the military commander Jacob De la Gardie, and was granted city privileges by Queen Christina of Sweden. The Swedish name literally means Jacob's City or Jacob's Town. The town was founded at the old harbour of the parish Pedersöre and this name lives on in the Finnish name of the municipality, Pietarsaari, literally Peter's Island.

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