Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Tropical Beach Paradise in Barbados

Tropical paradise on the West Coast

Photography by Mike Toy

This postcard is postmarked in 2014 with a church stamp. 

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Barbados is a sovereign island country in the Lesser Antilles. It is 34 kilometres (21 mi) in length and up to 23 kilometres (14 mi) in width, covering an area of 432 square kilometres (167 sq mi). 

The origin of the name Barbados is either the Portuguese word Barbados or the Spanish equivalent los Barbados, both meaning "the bearded ones" It is unclear whether "bearded" refers to the long, hanging roots of the bearded fig-tree (Ficus citrifolia), indigenous to the island; or to the allegedly bearded Caribs once inhabiting the island.
Barbados stamp 2013
Places of Worship
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church 1.80

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ONeal said...

Beautiful card and lovely stamp.