Friday, February 13, 2015

Messanger of Love - Two French Hand Tinted Postcards

Messagere D'Amour

Va, gentille messagere, toujours fidèle.
De mon aime rapporte-moi des nouvelles.

This translates something like:

Messanger of Love
Go, kind messenger, always faithful.
My love bring me the news.

This postcard is from 1920.
- - -
Messagere D'Amour

Combien je l'aime! Il le sait j'en suis sure,
Son amour est le mien, aussi tendre et pur.

This translates something like:

Messanger of Love
How I love it! He knows I am sure,
His love is mine, so tender and pure.

Fabricattion Francaise

This is a 'French Tint' postcard that is unused, but there is a lot of writing on the back.  ... The date is 1920. 

The letter starts:

My darling,
I am to Paris for two days and I send you this card to tell you that your little fiancé thinks of you always. 

And ends with:

Bye, bye my beloved. All my thoughts and my tenderest kiss are for you, 

- - - - - - -

To hand tint a postcard, they would take a black-and-white image and then they would use watercolor paints and stencils to tint it.

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