Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Postcrossing Therapeutic Care, Use Signature Stamps

Information sheet issued by
Postcrossing Therapeutic Care

Avoid the

One of the most common injuries at Postcrossing meetings is the injury to the signature hand.  Consider therefore: At meetings the signature hand is submitted to highest levels of strain!

Timely training is indispensable for risk-free signing!  Those in the know have already started.

In addition, the correct choice of auxiliary means contributes to the avoidance of early malfunction of the signature hand.

Professionals have been relying on a personalized signature stamp for a long time now.  It spares the signature hand and provides for an appealing and consistent image.

In order that the signing of thousands of postcards is no longer a risk to life and limb:
Use Signature Stamps!

This hilarious postcard is mailed in 2016 from the 7th International Postcrossing Meeting in Bielefeld, Germany.  The signatures of around 35 members is on the back of the card.
Germany (Deutschland) stamp 2014
The 300th Anniversary of the Birth of 
Christoph Willibald Gluck, 1714-1787

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