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The First Transcontinental Call, Jekyll Island, Georgia

First Transcontinental Call

Theodore N. Vail, New York, President of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, participated in a memorable telephone ceremony January 15, 1915 - January 25, 1915 while recuperating from lameness at Jekyll Island.  In order that President Vail might participate in the long circuit call from Jekyll to Washington, New York and San Francisco a thousand miles of cable were run to the island.

Dr. Alexander Graham Bell was the chief figure in the New York call with Thomas A. Watson assistant to Dr. Bell, at the San Francisco terminal.  President Woodrow Wilson, in speaking to Mr. Vail at Jekyll said "Hello Mr. Vail!"  "Who is this?" (Mr. Vail) "This is the President.  I have just been speaking across the continent." "Oh. yes." (Mr. Vail). "Before I give up the telephone.  I want to extend my congratulations to you on the consummation of this remarkable work," replied the President of the United States.  It has been said that Bell created the telephone and Vail created the telephone business.
Mr. Vail visited Jekyll in two yachts at various seasons.
The Speedwell and The Northwind

Georgia Historical Commission

First Transcontinental Call
Jekyll Island, Georgia
photos by David Noble

This is an older postcard, however it is postmarked in 2016.

I tried to the best of my ability to type what is written on the plaque correctly.  It is awful small though, so there might be a mistake or two.  

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