Thursday, February 28, 2019

Knitting Badgers

These Knitting Badgers look so happy.  The tea cups are full and there is plenty of yarn, so I am sure they are having a good day.


Painettu kierrätyskartongille Suomessa
(Printed on recycled paperboard in Finland)

The artist is Elina Jasu of Finand, and she autographed the back of this unused postcard for me. I bought it in Finland at an International Postcrossing meet-up in 2017.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Stepantsminda, Mount Kazbek in the Country of Georgia

Stepantsminda.  Georgia

Mqinvartsveri and Gergeti Trinity church

The sender writes:
Gamarjoba (hello)!
Greetings from Georgia, the birthplace of wine.  The best wines were produced here 8000 years ago.

This postcard features Mount Kazbek and was postmarked from the country of Georgia in 2017.

- - - - - - -

Gergeti Trinity Church is a popular name for Holy Trinity Church near Stepantsminda, Georgia. The church is located at an elevation of 2170 meters (7120 feet), under Mount Kazbegi.

Mqinvartsveri (Mount Kazbek) is a dormant stratovolcano.
Georgia stamp 2015
Old Toys, Doll, 2.0 L

Thursday, February 21, 2019

A Hemispheric View of Venus

A Hemispheric View of Venus
This view of Venus is the result of over a decade of radar investigations by the Magellan spacecraft, which revealed that the planet's surface is between three hundred and six hundred million years old.

This space postcard was postmarked in 2018 with SEVEN Canadian stamps.
Canada stamp 2009
International Year of Astronomy
Horsehead Nebula
Dominion Astrophysical Observatory, 54 
- - -
Canada stamp 1999
Canadian Horses
Northern Dancer, 46 
- - -
Canada stamp 1992
Olympic Games 
Barcelona, Spain
Diving, 42 
- - -
Canada stamp 1993
Canadian Rivers
St. John River, 43 
- - -
Canada stamp 1993
Canadian Rivers
Ottawa River, 42
- - -
Canada stamp 2007
Beneficial Insects
Hippodamia Convergens
Convergent lady beetle
Ladybug, 1
- - - 
Canada stamp 2014
Danaus plexippus
Monarch Butterfly, 22

Monday, February 18, 2019

The Tropical Colors of Mauritius

Ile Maurice - Mauritius

The sender writes:
This card shows the tropical colors of my country.

This postcard was postmarked in 2017.
Mauritius  stamp 2013
Sites and Monuments
Prison de Belle Mare
Rs 5 
- - -
Mauritius stamp 2016
Freshwater Flora
Ludwigia octovalvis 
Mexican primrose-willow
Flower, 13

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day

An Emblem of Love
To My Valentine

The sender writes:
Thanks for your super letter - will answer when we get settled.
P.S. Do you want a bunch of postcards?  They are from when I won the birthday draw, motels and such. They are boxed and all ready to go, maybe 100 or so.  - let me know soon if yes.

This was postmarked in 2005.
USA stamp 2002
George Washington, 1732-1799 
23 cents

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Desert Tortoise

Desert Tortoise
(Gopherus agassizi)
A rare species found in Southern and Western Arizona into Sonar, Mexico.   The desert tortoise feeds mainly on grasses and herbs and burrows into the ground during periods of extreme heat or cold.

Photo by Paul Berquist.

This postcard is unused.
(I am guessing this card is from the 1980's.) 

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Filling Up (With Beer, not Gas) in Ireland

Murphy's Irish Stout
Lady's Well Brewery
Cork - Ireland

Filling up in Ireland.

Photo: Liam Blake

This funny postcard was postmarked in 2018 with four stamps and features a gas pump filled with beer!  I know so many people who would love one of these.  
Great Britain stamp 1996
The 50th Anniversary of the Wildfowl 
and Wetlands Trust
Botaurus stellaris
Eurasian bittern, 35 P 
- - -
Great Britain stamp 1989
The 100th Anniversary of RSPB
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Birds, Northern Gannet, 
Morus bassanus
Sula bassana, 35  
- - -

Great Britain stamp 1989
Food and Farming Year, 35 P
- - -
Great Britain stamp 1981
Medieval Mummers
December, 25 P
- - - - - - -
A medieval mummer was a medieval entertainer who was an amateur actor. He performed at different plays in the villages that were held at the harvest time or on some religious occasion such as Christmas.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Three Advertising 'Peter Pan and Tinkerbell in Porcelain' Postcards


Beautifully detailed animation art sculptures from Walt Disney's 1953 film classic, Peter Pan.  
Peter Pan "Nobody Calls Pan A Coward!" 7 1/2"
Captain Hook "I've Got you This Time!" 8"
Crocodile "Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock" 6 1/4"

This set was released in 1994. 
- - -
Walt Disney

You Can Fly!
Tinker Bell 
Special Event Piece
Available One
Weekend Only!

Walt Disney once said, "All the characters Peter Pan are touched with magic."  This is particularly true of Tinker Bell, Peter''s feisty but ever-loyal pixie.  Now, the Walt Disney Classics Collection introduces Tinker Bell in beautifully hand-detailed porcelain, captured in a perfect moment of loutishness (brought on by Wendy, no doubt).  Her wings are plussed with opalescent points that seem to sparkle as if in flight.  Tinker Bell was one of Walt's favorites and is sure to be one of yours too!

This exquisite time-limited piece is only available during the Walt Disney Classics Collection Open House weekend.
May 4th and 5th, 1996.
- - -
A Splash of Spring
Premier Event
May 4-6, 2012

Tinker Bell: 7 1/2"
Numbered Limited Edition 1500
Designed by Disney Master Artist David Pacheco
Sculpted by Jacqueline Perrault-Gonzales

- - - - - - -

All three of these advertising postcards are unused.

The Disney Peter Pan movie was released on February 5, 1953.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

An Advertising Postcard from the Island of Grenada

Pure Grenada
The Spice of the Caribbean

Visit Grand Anse Beach on your next visit to Pure Grenada!

The sender writes:
We had a wonderful time here!  We toured a spice plantation and a chocolate factory. This was a free postcard at the tourist information desk!

This postcard was postmarked in 2018. 
Grenada stamp 2013
Birds, Parrots
Blue-Winged Macaw
Primolius Maracana, $ 1