Sunday, December 27, 2009

Elvis Presley, Cirque De Soleil, 'Viva Elvis'

Elvis Presley

bought at the Cirque Du Soleil 'Viva Elvis' show in ARIA Resort & Casino at CityCenter in Las Vegas, Nevada

unused, 2009

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Viva ELVIS, a harmonious fusion of dance, acrobatics and live music, is a tribute to the life and music of Elvis Presley. Nostalgia and raw emotion provide the backdrop for his immortal voice and the exhilaration and beauty of his music.

Created in the image of The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll – powerful, sexy, whimsical, truly unique and larger than life – the show highlights an American icon who transformed popular music and whose image embodies the freedom, excitement and turbulence of his era.

Significant moments in his life – intimate, playful and grandiose – blend with the timeless songs that remain as relevant today as when they first hit the top of the charts. Viva ELVIS focuses on the essential humanity of the one superstar whose name will forever be linked with the history of Las Vegas and the entire world of entertainment: Elvis Presley.

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We saw the show on the second official day it was open to the public :D

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chandlerguera said...

I'd love to see that Elvis show! Great cards.