Wednesday, March 10, 2010

International Staff Band, The Salvation Army

International Staff Band, 1978

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This picture is taken outside of the Salvation Army International Headquarters in London.

The International Staff Band (ISB) is the premier brass band of the Salvation Army.

All bandsmen and women are actively involved in their local Salvation Army Corps, many holding leadership positions. They give their time freely to this additional ministry. The members of the band are drawn from Salvation Army centres as far as Manchester, Bristol, Norwich and Maidstone. While based in the UK, the band has an international reputation and ministry, undertaking regular overseas tours.

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Here is a postcard of what the Salvation Army Headquarters looks like today ...

The Salvation Army
Frugal in Operation
Modern in Design
Evangelical in Purpose

making a difference

The Salvation Army is making a difference in 111 countries of the world

www .salvationarmy. org

International Headquarters (pictured overleaf) is the world centre of The Salvation Army.
Two previous headquarters buildings have occupied the site at 101 Queen Victoria Street, London since 1881.

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