Friday, April 29, 2011

Kennedy Space Center, Aerial Views - Then and Now

 Aerial View of Cape Canaveral, Florida, showing service towers at the Air Force Missile Test Center's launching site, Cape Canaveral, Florida

Patrick Air Force base, Florida

postmarked in 1971 with a USA 'First Man on the Moon' 10 cent stamp!  The postcard is stamped and bumped at the postoffice, but has no address or writing on it!! 

Here is an Aerial View of what it looks like today ...

The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex provides an exhilaration and educational experience of the space program.  Whether touring the Rocket Garden, or boarding a full-scale replica of the Space Shuttle Explorer, visitors are guaranteed to gain a new perspective on the incredible feats accomplished by the space program. 

Photo courtesy: NASA

unused, bought in 2009

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