Tuesday, July 12, 2011

1954 Ford Advertising Postcard

Did you know ...
That the 1954 FORD is the only car in the low priced field that offers these Fine Car features?

1. Choice of 130 H.P. V-8 or 115 H.P. Six
2. Modern Ball-Joint Front Suspension
3. 225 sq. in. more window area
4. Larger combined passenger and luggage space
5. Astra-Dial Control Panel
6. Center-Fill fueling
7. Two-position doorcheck
8. Suspended brake and clutch pedals
9. Four-way power seat
10. Power windows lifts on all four windows
11. Full-flow oil filter
12. 28 Model selections

We are currently conducting a get-acquainted drive among owners of earlier model Fords to inform them of the many fine-car features and outstanding advancements of the 1954 Ford.

During this campaign we are offering truly amazing deals ... and I am sure I can get you an extremely high allowance for your present car in trade.

I would appreciate the opportunity to show you this outstanding new Ford and let you test drive it.

- - - - -

unused postcard from 1954


air ride kits said...

The Ford Crestline Skyliner was an automobile featuring a 2 door hardtop body style with an integrated acrylic glass panel over the front seating area. Part of the 1954 American Ford range, it boasted a "freshness of view" through the green-tinted panel. 13,144 were sold in the single year of production, more than the two years of Crown Victoria Skyliner production that would follow.

Mercury's Monterey Sun Valley was similar. 9,761 were built in 1954.

9teen87 said...

great stuff! Thanks for posting

Air Management kits said...

Now I know! This is great! It is a learning story and thanks for sharing.