Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dauphine Restaurant in Amsterdam (Based in an Old Car Factory)

Dauphine Cafe Restaurant

postmarked in 2012 with a Netherlands stamp

The sender writes that this restaurant is based in an old Dauphine car factory.  It is a massive building and they serve lovely food.  I read online that on Friday nights, they move the tables and have dancing.

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Renault Dauphine is a rear-engined economy car manufactured by Renault in one body style — a three-box, four-door sedan — as the successor to the Renault 4CV, with over two million examples marketed worldwide during its production from 1956-1967.

Along with such cars as the Volkswagen Beetle, Morris Minor and Fiat 500, the Dauphine pioneered the modern European economy car.

Renault marketed variants of the Dauphine, including a sport model, the Gordini, a luxury version, the Ondine, the 1093 factory racing model, and the Caravelle/Floride, a Dauphine-based two-door convertible.

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