Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Zealand Puzzle Postcard featuring a Kiwi and a Sheep


They're a friendly lot in
New Zealand

unused puzzle postcard featuring a Kiwi and a Sheep
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More about Kiwi's...

New Zealand
Great Spotted Kiwi, Brown Kiwi, Anomalopteryx didiformis, a small slender moa (Extinct)

Kiwi Facts:
- The only bird that has external nostrils - which are located at the end of the beak
- Built for strength not flight it has marrow in it's bones and strong muscular legs
- A kiwi's large egg is 20% of the females weight
- All over the world New Zealanders are known as "kiwi's"
- The kiwi is a flightless, nocturnal bird that nests in a burrow in the ground

Kiwi: New Zealand's endangered national symbol is around the size of a chicken and is the smallest of the living 'ratites'.  Flightless, shy, and mostly nocturnal the kiwi consists of five recognised species.  They are omnivorous, mate for life, nesting in burrows, hollow logs, or holes.   

Designed by Rosie Louise and terry Moyle, 2007
(I love the map that shows where you can find the different types of kiwis)

unused, bought in New Zealand for $2.50


ONeal said...

Both of these cards are cool! I really like New Zealand, and Australian cards, too.

Brenda Perez said...

I like postcards from both places too - however, I would like to be there buying them myself! ;-)

ONeal said...

You and me both!