Friday, May 15, 2015

Postcrossing Meet-up Postcard from Koln, (Cologne) Germany

14 - 3 - 2015
Postcrossing Meeting

This postcard is signed by many  people from the meet-up.  The sender (Isa) knows I am not a fan of stickers on postcards.  They turn the paper brown over time and ruin the cards.  So she put a pull tab sticky note on the back saying "Bitte Keine Sticker"  (Please, no stickers).  The only thing is, she forgot to remove it before she sent it.  It made it all the way to the states with the sticky still on it!

Isa saw a scan of the back and said that the sticky note actually was long and covered up the address.  So someone in the post office must have cut the bottom off but put the words part of the sticky back on the card.  How wonderful that they did not just throw the whole note away!

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