Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Handmade Origami Kimono with Washi Paper on a Postcard

The sender writes:
Dear Brenda,
Hi from Japan!  You're also a creative person and will also receive many ordinary landscape cards. So here I'm sending something more typically Japanese.  This is an Origami Kimono.  The paper is Wahsi genuine Japanese paper, handmade and handprinted with woodblock. You might hear Washi was recently designated as an Invisible World Heritage.  Origami is our traditional art of folding paper.  May your mailbox and also your life be filled with happy surprises!

- - -

Fumiko hand-made this postcard for me and stamped it with a kimono stamp.  Then she had it hand stamped at the postoffice and put it in a clear plastic wrap so it would not get ruined while on its way to the United States.

I am so impressed with this postcard!  There is so much work and thought that went into it.  It is postmarked in 2015 and will always be one of my favorites.
Japan (Nippon) stamp 2014
Japanese Traditional Craft
Chichibu-Meisen Textiles, 82


ONeal said...

Absolutely awesome! What a special card from a very thoughtful, talented postcard friend. :)

Postcardy said...

I would like to try making one of those.

Brenda Perez said... Here is a link with a video on how to make one... good luck! Let me know how it turned out if you try. :D

violet s said...

This is a lovely card.
And your stamp would fit perfectly with our Sunday Stamps theme this week