Thursday, October 20, 2016

Dragon's Lair Postcard, Autographed by Bluth and Goldman

Dragon's Lair

"Dear Adventurer,
We cannot thank you enough for your support and contribution to help make a dream come true.  Soon we will celebrate the 33rd anniversary of the premier of the Dragon's Lair arcade game originally released in the summer of 1983.  The game has stayed alive for all these years having been sorted to over 70 platforms availing it for personal use in the home and the latest hand-held devices.  However, our dream has always been to bring Dragon's Lair: The Movie to the big screen.  The time is now, and your action to support this effort has been overwhelming.  Thank you ..
Sincerely Don Bluth and Gary Goldman
(The back of the postcard is autographed by both of them.)

This postcard features 'Castle Pan' and is postmarked in 2015.
USA stamp 2015
Coastal Birds
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