Friday, February 3, 2017

Space Shuttle Challenger, Mission 41-B

Kennedy Space Center, Florida
Space Shuttle Challenger, Mission 41-B, on pad prior to launch

Color Photo by NASA

This is an unused postcard.

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STS-41-B was the tenth NASA Space Shuttle mission and the fourth flight of the Space Shuttle Challenger. It launched on February 3, 1984, and landed on February 11 after deploying two communications satellites. It was also notable for including the first untethered spacewalk.
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Here is a postcard of the shuttle landing after this mission...
Kennedy Space Center, Florida
Commander Vance Brand and Pilot Robert Gibson guide Challenger to the first-ever landing of a returning spaceship at Kennedy space Center.

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Bytemylobster said...

I have the original picture of this by Walt Johnson for Morton Thiokol. It measures 11.5" by 24". On the backside is a picture of the Boosters being returned to Port Canaveral.
Any information about value would be appreciated.