Friday, June 23, 2017

An Old Postcard from 1883

This is an old Postal Card from Kansas that is postmarked on June 23, 1883.
It features the Liberty 1 cent stamp.

The note on the back says:
 "Sir, I hold a receipt against that note. Please state what remains due. yours, Slaten, Yates Center, Kansas, Woodson County"

I was sent this message about this card...

This "postal card" was used in 1883, but postal cards of this issue were first sold in late September of 1875. The Scott catalog number for this item is UX5 (assuming it is unwatermarked, else it is UX4 and worth hundreds of dollars!)

A postal card is one sold by the post office with the postage amount pre-printed. The double circle date stamp is all that was required for it to be entered into the mail. "Cancelling" the Liberty / One Cent is not necessary for postal cards like it is for stamped mail, but this was often done anyway as in the present example.

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I have one more postal card that is postmarked in 1883...

This postal card from Maine is postmarked in 1883.  The sender is asking for  an account to date and a few blank checks.  

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