Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Crater Lake, Oregon

If you look at the clouds, you can see they are the same picture. One is postmarked in 1988 and I bought the other in Oregon in 2010. (I didn't realize I had the other one already!) The first card (2010) is printed in the USA and names the photographer, the second (1988) is printed in Italy and there is no mention of who took the picture.

Crater Lake National Park
Wizard Island is on the left and the Phantom ship is at the bottom in Crater Lake.

Photo: Craig Tuttle

unused, from 2010

Published by Smith-Western, Inc. Made in America
- - - - - - - -
Wizard Island on the left and the Phantom Ship on the right in crater Lake as seen from the air. - postmarked in 1988 with 15 cent Buffalo Bill Cody stamp

Published by Smith Western, Inc. for ItalCards, Printed in Italy

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