Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wales Alphabet Chart

Y Wyddor (The Alphabet)

with 'Letters upon stone Monuments in Wales 6th to 10 Centuries'
The Bethluisnion. (Ocham Alphabet)
Coelbren Y. Beirdd

the back reads:
Siart yr Wyddor a luniwyd gan T.C. Evans, Cadrawd, tua 1900
An Alphabet Chart devised by T.C. Evans, Cadrawd, c. 1900

the sender writes:
The Welsh language is still spoken as a first language in parts of North Wales.  I am trying to learn it (very slowly!)  but find it hard to pronounce some of the sounds not used in English, like 'll' and 'dd'.  They are quite throaty!

postmarked in 2010 from Wales with a Great Britain train stamp

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