Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Taos Indian Pueblo - New Mexico

Pueblo De Taos, Northern New Mexico
The most remarkable residences in the United States

The First Apartment Building in the World 
Ancient Taos - consists of many adobe communal dwellings - and said to be the finest example of Ancient Pueblo architecture.
Silhouetted against the sky like white robed sentinels, the Taos Indians make an unforgettable picture. Back of the Pueblo is the sacred mountain and lake where secret ceremonials are carried on.

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South Pueblo, Taos

With its backdrop of Pueblo Mountain and colorfully costumed inhabitants, thousand year old Taos Pueblo is a popular subject for artist.  Taos Indians are industrious farmers and are relatively well-to-do.  They are usually well educated and frequently speak three languages: their own Tewa, Spanish and English.

Color phhoto by J. Hobson Bass

The front of the card had a printing error.  You can even see through to the back where the stamp goes.  The back is perfect, no marks or color errors.

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