Friday, May 6, 2011

PEZ - Spaceman Candy Dispenser


unused, from 2003

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Pez (trademarked PEZ, in capitals) is the brand name of an Austrian confectionery and the mechanical pocket dispensers. The candy itself takes the shape of pressed, dry, straight-edged blocks, with Pez dispensers holding 12 Pez pieces.

The name Pez came from the letters at the start, the middle and the end of the German word for peppermint, Pfefferminz, the first Pez flavor. Pez was originally introduced in Austria, later exported, notably to the U.S., and eventually became available worldwide. The all-uppercase spelling of the logo echoes the trademark's style on the packaging and the dispensers themselves, with the logo made to look like letters that are built out of 44 brick-like Pez confectioneries.

Some Pez dispensers can sell for large amounts as collectibles. The highest verifiable sale of Pez dispenser was a private sale of a Mickey Mouse softhead at $7000 between an Austrian dealer and a California collector. This dispenser was never available for sale to the public, and was a factory prototype. The high prices which some Pez items fetch has led to the manufacturing of fake Pez items as well. The 2006 eBay sale of a clear 50s Space Gun for $11,000 took place but according to noted Pez author, David Welch, the dispenser was later proven by chemical testing to be a well-made fake.

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Marcie said...

There was a William and Kate dispenser lately. I think it was autioned off for charity. Austrian Post has also released a PEZ stamp, but it is sold out now I believe!