Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Van Briggle Pottery - Colorado Springs, Colorado

World Famous Van Briggle Pottery - Colorado Springs, Colorado

In Colorado Springs, nestled at the very foot of Pike's Peak, in the shadow of snow-crested range and rocky canyon, there is a pottery.  And here each day potters work, drawing their inspiration from the glories of the Rockies; their colorings from the sunset skies, and their gracefulness of design line from the models Nature has set them.


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Established in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1901 by Artus and Anne Van Briggle, the Van Briggle Art Pottery is the oldest continuously operating art pottery in the United States. Artus Van Briggle had a significant impact on the Art Nouveau movement in the United States, and his pottery is foundational to American Art Pottery.

Although they are still in business, the building you see in the postcard above was sold to Colorado College in 1968.  I did a search to see their pottery on sale and found the most expensive one at over 5,000. for a single vase and many more items for over 1,000.

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