Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cheerios Cereal - Postcards for the USO

Send Cheer to military families

the back of the box reads:
When duty calls, our nation's military families rise to the challenge to help support our country.  This year, Cheerios and the USO are partnering to send thanks and supports to these courageous families.  We invite you to show your appreciation by sending a simple "thank you" using the postcard found on the front of this box.  In addition, Cheerios is sending a little extra Cheer to help fund programs for our military families.  For each postcard  received by November 30, 2012 from a participating cereal box, Cheerios will donate $1 to the USO.  Cheerios guarantees a minimum $150,000 donation and a $250,000 maximum donation based on the number of postcards the USO receives.
- - - -

Here is what the front of the postcard looks like after it is cut off the box 

and here is the back of the card...

I sent my postcard in in February, 2012 - did you send one in??????


Anonymous said...

Great Postcards

Leugim said...

great idea!