Sunday, February 26, 2012

'Keep 'Em Flying' Postcards from World War 2

 Keep 'Em Flying

This Curteich postcard features Army Aircraft and is postmarked in 1942 from Fort Knox, Kentucky from an Army soldier writing home.  Where the stamp would go is the word 'Free'

He writes,

Dear Ralph,
How is every little thing.  Well it is hotter than hell down here in the Hills of Kentucky.  This place is 15 miles square it has armored cars, trucks and half track's 4 a lot of tank's. You ought to see these big tank's rolling around here.  Tell your mother and Mable and Clint I will write them soon.
- - - - - - -
Here is another 'Keep 'Em Flying' postcard ...
Keep 'Em Flying!
postmarked in 1942 with a 'For Defense' stamp
The only thing they wrote was, 'Here's some more mail for you.'

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